• Curriculum Vitae

    * since 2010 Postdoctoral fellow in the Clausen group

    * 2009 PhD thesis, Gene Center of the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (Dr. Dierk Niessing). Thesis on “Characterization of a Myosin transport complex from yeast”. Experimental focus on biophysics, protein chemistry and protein crystallography.

    * 2005 Master thesis, University of Jena, Department of Bioorganic Chemistry (Prof. Dr. Stephan Diekmann). Diploma thesis: “Studying interaction networks within the inner kinetochore”.


Current research interest

Among the extensive mechanisms existing in protein quality control, my focus is mainly towards the rescue of proteins from a denatured or aggregated state. Particularly, I am interested in the molecular mechanisms that enable individual unfoldases to generate pulling forces, which are strong enough to extract single polypeptide chains even from an aggregate. Therefore, I investigate the cooperative interactions and regulations that take place between the subunits of oligomeric AAA+ unfoldases, since these inter-molecular connections make the whole complex stronger than the sum of its parts. To investigate the properties of ologimeric AAA+ unfoldases, I apply a combination of structural approaches such as X-ray crystallography and Electron Microscopy as well as biochemical and biophysical methods.

Honors and Awards

* 2011-12 EMBO long term fellowship


* Mastny, M.*, Heuck, A.*, Kurzbauer, R.*, Heiduk, A., Boisguerin, P., Volkmer, R., Ehrmann, M., Rodrigues, CD., Rudner, DZ., Clausen, T. (2013). CtpB Assembles a Gated Protease Tunnel Regulating Cell-Cell Signaling during Spore Formation in Bacillus subtilis. Cell. 155(3):647-58 (abstract)

* Malvezzi, F., Litos, G., Schleiffer, A., Heuck, A., Mechtler, K., Clausen, T., Westermann, S. (2013). A structural basis for kinetochore recruitment of the Ndc80 complex via two distinct centromere receptors. EMBO J. (abstract)

* Dal Santo, S., Stampfl, H., Krasensky, J., Kempa, S., Gibon, Y., Petutschnig, E., Rozhon, W., Heuck, A., Clausen, T., Jonak, C. (2012). Stress-Induced GSK3 Regulates the Redox Stress Response by Phosphorylating Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 24(8):3380-92 (abstract)

* Heuck, A., Schleiffer, A., Clausen, T. (2011). Augmenting ?-augmentation: structural basis of how BamB binds BamA and may support folding of outer membrane proteins. J Mol Biol. 406(5):659-66 (abstract)