PhD student

  • Curriculum Vitae

    *since 2015 PhD student in Tim Clausen's group, Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna. Research interest: protein quality control in cells

    * 2014 Master thesis, University of Zagreb, faculty of Science, Zagreb, Croatia, done in collaboration with Tim Clausen, IMP, Vienna. Thesis title "Bis-arsenical compounds as probes of folding state of myosin". Experimental focus on protein expression in eukaryotic systems and protein biochemistry.

    * 2011 Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Zagreb, Croatia


Current research interest

Unlike what simplified illustrations of what a cell looks like on the inside would make us believe, the cell's interior is a dense rabble of unruly proteins interacting spuriously with each other. Proteins that are damaged or no longer required pose a threat or an unnecessary burden to the cell and need to be degraded. This needs to be precisely regulated, as the process needs to be both very specific and very efficient. Proteins to be degraded are usually branded with a mark of doom, a label that is then recognized by the machinery of the degradation pathway, and then unfolded, degraded, and recycled.

I am interested in how these steps are regulated and coordinated on a molecular level. my focus is on ATP-dependent unfoldases from the AAA family of proteins that function as garbagemen by picking up (recognizing) specifically labeled protein garbage, as well as transferring it to the garbage shredder - the co-working proteolytic complexes.

Honors and Awards

* 2013  Top graduate student medal, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

* 2008  Bronze medal, 40th International Chemistry Olympiad, Budapest