Nature Communications paper published (UNC-45/UFD-2)

It took quite a while to bring this story to the public, possibly because this was our first Ub story. Swimming against the Ub stream, we could show that UNC-45 is not a substrate but rather a co-factor of the UFD-2 ubiquitin ligase targeting muscle myosin for ubiquitination. more »

2017 Fall Retreat - Salzburg

This Fall Retreat we visited Hans Brandstetter and his group in wonderful Salzburg. The Protease mini-symposium was combined with cultural tours through the city, heavily influenced by Mozart and the many historic bars. This time the PI was not lost and thus we could continue discussing our favorite proteolytic machines as well as science politics in these changing times (cryoEM, fake news). more »

VBC Ub Symposium

Every year, a special effort is made to invite known experts in the ubiquitin field. This year, the VBC Ub-Club was happy to welcome two highly distinguished guest speakers, Ami Navon from the Weizmann Institute in Israel and Rachel Klevit from the University of Washington. more »

2017 Spring Retreat

Good things come in three-s: Following this theme, we went another time to the Zotter chocolate factory to get inspired. To be on the safe side of being successful in this inspiration-ation, we continued our Calory-6666 Tour by entering one of the local “Heurigen”. Here, we continued discussing AAA problems, phospho wishes and muscle strength - switching themes and bottles of wine in highly productive manner. more »

Visit of Robert Huber at the IMP

Today we felt honored and pleased to meet with Robert Huber, who came as a University SAB member to Vienna. During this trip, Robert stayed Friday afternoon with us, to have a look at the new IMP building and to learn about our projects. more »