Keeping a dangerous molecular machine under control

In Elife, we present the crystal structure of Hsp104 from Chaetomium thermophilum that – although forming a helical filament – reveals important mechanistic features. First, we identify the long-sought mechanical link coupling the two AAA rings of HSP100 chaperones and, second, delineate structural details underlying the regulatory role of the CCD. Jointly, these two elements make Hsp104 a very potent yet highly tunable protein disaggregase. more »

Move into the new IMP Building

Within one week, we moved into our new home, the fresh IMP building at Campus Vienna Biocenter 1. It was amazing to see how the entire lab - fridges, pipettes, buffers, the 5 Aektas, x-ray gun and crystal hotels etc - traveled within a single week to its new location. Many thanks to everyone for making this smooth transition possible. The new building “feels” indeed very well – fostering open minds and scientific interaction in a remarkable architectural setting. more »

2016 Fall Retreat - Ljubljana

This Fall Retreat we visited Dusan Turk and his group in Ljubljana, to get feedback on the last and plan the coming half year. more »

pArg study published in Nature as article

Cells never forget to take out the trash. For this purpose, they label things that need to be discarded. In our latest study, we show that bacteria utilize a specific phospho signal to label damaged proteins that need to be removed. more »

3rd VBC Ubiquitin Symposium

The third Ubiquitin Symposium came to a very successful close in Vienna, Austria. This year, the invited speakers were Alan Weissman (NIH) and Christian Schlieker (Yale), presenting within the halls of the Josephinum Medical Museum. more »