2016 Spring Retreat

We visited our Structural Biology colleagues at the IST Austria. more »

Visit by Judith Frydman

This year, we had the great pleasure to host Judith Frydman (Department of Biology and Genetics, Stanford Univeristy) as Max-Birnstiel lecturer. This special lecture series is named after the founding director of the IMP and the highest award that the IMP can give to outside scientists. more »

Visit by Michael Rossmann

This Wednesday, March 02, we were honored to host Michael G. Rossmann, who was invited to the IMP as Mendel Lecture series speaker. more »

2015 Fall Retreat/Symposium at the Weizmann Institute

This time we combined our lab-retreat with a "Molecular Machines" symposium at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. Please have a read of the report from Marcin Suskiewicz. more »