a great collaboration with the Koehler group

... resulted in this great CELL publication. more »

Ubiquitin Symposium - No2

For this year’s Ubiquitin Symposium (already the second, i.e. the series is started!), we had the great pleasure to welcome Keiji Tanaka from the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science as our expert speaker. more »

2015 Spring Retreat Rosenburg

This year, we had our spring excursion to the crag (Climbing Track, Klettergarten) in Rosenburg. more »

EMBO fellowship for Doris

Congratulation to Doris for receiving a long-term EMBO fellowship! Let the Chemical Biology begin and all the very best for your Postdoc stay in Craig Crews' lab in Yale. more »

2014 Lab Retreat in Hamburg

Is there any better and inspiring place than DESY for having a lab retreat? Definitely, not. Enjoying the fresh air and the harbor atmosphere in the world's best city, we had a great time at the synchrotron. An unforgettable highlight, in addition to the excellent seminars, was a Tour through the XFEL tunnel and construction site. Really curious when we will use the 3.4 km xray laser for our first next-generation experiment. more »