Max-F-Perutz Crystal Award

On the occasions of the international year of Crystallography and the 100th birthday of Max F. Perutz, the VBC Crystallographic Community (C&C) initiated the “Perutz Crystal Award”. more »

Fishing the pArg salmon in the shark tank

Arginine phosphorylation is an emerging post-translational protein modification, however its overall prevalence could not been studied by mass spectrometry. One major complication is the great abundance of serine/threonine phosphorylations that outcompetes phosphoarginine by several orders of magnitude. We thus developed a “trapping mutant” of the YwlE arginine phosphatase that can bind pArg proteins but not transform them. Indeed, the YwlE trap allows the selective enrichment of pArg proteins in the cellular pool dominated by O-phosphorylations, as is now published in the journal of Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. more »

PhD defense of Debora

Summa congrats for an excellent thesis and exam. Combining mass spec and protein biochemistry at its best. Great work! more »

2014 Spring Lab Retreat

We did it again, an excursion to the Zotter chocolate manufacture. After in-house validation of our projects, we celebrated the 6-month plan with a chocolate firework at Zotter. Some of the extra kcal's were afterwards burned on the climb to the Riegersburg - an exercise that stimulated further (molecular) machine discussions. more »

no stress with pARG

In a study published in Mol Cell Proteomics, we report a mass spectrometric approach optimized for monitoring phospho-arginine, a chemically demanding protein modification. The improved methodology allowed us to quantitatively evaluate the pArg proteome under certain conditions and finally, to reveal the impact of protein arginine phosphorylation in orchestrating the bacterial stress response. more »