2013 Spring Lab Retreat

Excursion to Zotter chocolate manufacture. After in-house validation of our projects, we had the strong desire to celebrate the 6-month plan with something particularly sweet. Thus, we visited Zotter, where scientific discussions after a 4-hour chocolate tasting and corresponding serotonin flash were continued. Overall, an absolutely recommendable excursion, not only for scientists. more »


Myosin assembly line – published in CELL. After having quite some struggle with a nasty crystallographic unit cell, combining biochemical, structural and in vivo data paid off and led to a new concept in the chaperone field, i.e. how to assemble long-ranging chaperone complexes that setup an industrial-like assembly line for filamentous proteins. Thanks also to our collaborators in Cologne (Hoppe lab), who carried out the in vivo experiments, and our collaborators in Munich (Mueller-Planitz lab) for the MS analyses. more »