2015 Spring Retreat Rosenburg


This year, we had our spring excursion to the crag (Climbing Track, Klettergarten) in Rosenburg.

As referred at their website, this was a real “adventure from a distinct perspective” - almost from a distinct dimension, when considering the surprising height of the track of more than 20 m. In any case, this was definitely a valuable experience to get heads free and think about life & work from a different angle (at least for those, who could still think at this height). All of us returned safely to have lab retreat in a nearby “Heurigen”. At this meeting, everyone, including the PI, presented his/her 6-months plan by (more or less) artistic illustrations on white-board, during (always) intense 45 minutes. The individual sessions were concluded by an open-end group discussion. Science-wise, we will concentrate our efforts on three major project areas, namely (1) pArg in cellular signaling, (2) complex protease and chaperone machines and (3) folding and assembly of muscle myosin. Ways of improving internal/external collaborations and student/postdoc interactions with the PI were also discussed as well as emerging techniques that should be included in our group portfolio.