Ubiquitin Symposium - No2


For this year’s Ubiquitin Symposium (already the second, i.e. the series is started!), we had the great pleasure to welcome Keiji Tanaka from the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science as our expert speaker.

Keiji is one of ‘the’ leading figures in the ubiquitin fieldj, who developed very early, i.e. in the 70ies, a strong interest in mechanisms controlling protein degradation. Indeed, he was directly involved in the discovery of the famous 20S proteasome. Together with Alfred L Goldberg, his postdoc mentor, he identified a large multi-subunit protease complex, which they thus named “proteasome”. Since then, he has been a true pioneer in the proteasome field. In his talk ‘’Uncovering the Mystery of Life through Proteolysis” he presented a great overview of how ubiquitin, proteasome and autophagy shape the proteome in the cell. He also discussed a remarkable recent finding from his lab, namely the regulatory effect of phosphorylating the ubiquitin mark, contributing to the ubiquitin code.