Visit by Michael Rossmann


This Wednesday, March 02, we were honored to host Michael G. Rossmann, who was invited to the IMP as Mendel Lecture series speaker.

Michael Rossmann with his two hosts Ana Ramos and Tim Clausen.

Dr Rossmann is the Hanley Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences at Purdue University. His outstanding scientific career has been acknowledged by several awards and honors, as for example being an elected Member of the National Academy of Sciences and holder of the the Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstädter Prize (the most distinguished award in Medicine in Germany, with many of the laureates become Nobel Prize winners). Professor Rossmann’s work concentrates on defining the molecular structure of viruses. His research group was the first to elucidate the structure of a human virus (HRV-14) at 3 Å resolution in 1985. In addition, he is one of the few responsible scientists that made x-ray crystallography a breakthrough technique by developing crystallographic techniques such as molecular replacement, which is recognized by “Nature” as one of the milestones in crystallography. Furthermore, he identified a protein fold found in DNA-binding proteins called the Rossmann fold. Finally, he had the vision to always support cryo-EM and by combining cryo-EM with x-ray crystallographic data, he extended the structural knowledge of larger assemblies.

Thank you Dr Rossmann for your visit, it was a great pleasure to have you at the IMP.