3rd VBC Ubiquitin Symposium


The third Ubiquitin Symposium came to a very successful close in Vienna, Austria. This year, the invited speakers were Alan Weissman (NIH) and Christian Schlieker (Yale), presenting within the halls of the Josephinum Medical Museum.

Allan Weissman presented his work on factors coupling ubiquitin to other proteins, thereby ensuring their correct degradation. Data from his lab showed that this ubiquitin-coupling enzyme results in higher metastasis development when misregulated. His biochemical studies have also provided key insight on how incoming ubiquitins are transferred onto proteins to be degraded.

Christian Schlieker, on the other hand, presented his research identifying a receptor residing on the inner nuclear membrane which is critical for proper cholesterol synthesis. In fact, his lab discovered that the receptor is truncated in Greenberg skeletal dysplasia patients, resulting in the oftentimes fatal condition. The receptor truncation leads to its rapid tagging with ubiquitin, subsequent degradation, and thereby loss-of-function causing the disease.


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