PhD student

  • Curriculum Vitae

    * Since April 2017: PhD student in the lab of Tim Clausen; Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna

    * 2016: Master of Science, Life Science, University of Konstanz, Germany; Thesis title: Studying ribosomal assembly by cross-linking mass spectrometry (Group of Florian Stengel)

    * 2014-2015: Visiting student at the University of Toronto, Department of Chemistry

    * 2013: Research Internship at the Technion, Haifa, Israel, Project title: Synthesis of building block molecules for the design of new cavitand receptors (Group of Ehud Keinan)

    * 2011-2014: Bachelor of Science, Life Science, University of Konstanz, Germany


Current research interest

Within the intricate network of protein quality control, I am particularly interested to understand how the fate of proteins, either towards folding/refolding or degradation, is determined. To precisely coordinate these processes, there are dedicated proteins acting as cellular bodyguards. Their task is to protect the cell by distinguishing “hopeless” proteins from the “hopeful” ones and convey them for downstream pathways.

With my research I aim to unravel mechanistic details of this concept for the muscle protein myosin. Myosin is essential for all movement-related processes, however understanding of its folding and degradation is very limited. I am using biochemistry and structural biology approaches to study the hubs of myosin quality control. Gaining insight into how muscle proteins are brought and kept in shape would allow to address the molecular basis of several human myopathies.  

Honors and Awards

* 2014-2015 Baden-Wuerttemberg Fellowship for studying at the University of Toronto

Publication and Conferences

* Robotta, M., Gerding, H.R., Vogel, A., Hauser, K. Schildknecht, S., Karreman, C., Leist, M., Subramaniam, V. and Drescher, M. (2014), Alpha-Synuclein Binds to the Inner Membrane of Mitochondria in an alpha-Helical Conformation. ChemBioChem, 15: 2499-2502.

* Practical Proteomics, Split, Croatia 2017

* Symposium on Structural Proteomics, Vienna, Austria 2017