• Curriculum Vitae

    *Since 2017 Postdoc in Tim Clausen’s group, Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna. Research interest: Structural biology of phosphoarginine interacting proteins.

    *2012-2016 PhD in Prof. Matthias Bochtler’s group, International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Warsaw. Thesis Title: Biochemical and structural studies of 5hmC-Specific endonuclease. 

    *2009-2011 Junior researcher at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Project: Structural biology of Non structural protein 3A in Echovirus.


Current research interest

The presence and biological importance of the protein modification phosphoarginine (pArg) in Grampositive bacteria has been discovered in our lab. The pArg-labelling of misfolded proteins triggers their degradation via ClpCP system. The same modification on the transcription factor CtsR, regulator of ClpC operon, uncouples its binding to the promoter. Being such a novel and interesting modification, I am interested in the structural biology of the proteins which interact with the pArg tag. Especially, I would like to address the molecular mechanism of how ClpC recognizes and unfolds pArg-marked proteins. To address this question, I use biophysical and structural methods like x-ray crystallography and cryoEM.

Honors and Awards

* 'Best student presentation Prize by International Union of Crystallography' in the Conference, Heart Of Europe Bio crystallography Meeting (HEC-17) held in Berlin, Germany during 25-27 September 2014.

* Outstanding poster presentation award at EMBO young scientist forum, 2-3 July 2015 Warsaw, Poland.

* I belong to the runner up team in the dragon boat race conducted at HEC-17. Hopefully, will be a winner at IMP.


Asgar Abbas Kazrani, Monika Kowalska, Honorata czapinska and Matthias Bochtler (2014): Crystal Structure Of 5hmC specific Restriction endonuclease PvuRts1I. Nucleic Acid Research ;42(9):5929-36.