Research Associate

  • Curriculum

    * 2003 – present: Research Associate in the Clausen group (IMP, Vienna): focus on establishing protein expression, purification and crystallization protocols as well as on chaperone and protease assays.

    * 1998 – 2002: Research Assistant in the Huber group (IMP, Vienna): focus on 2D gel electrophoresis, cell biology and knock-out mouse technology.

    * 1987 – 1997: Research Technician in the Schaffner lab (IMP, Vienna): focus on DNA-sequencing and general molecular biology techniques.


Research interest

Keeping the technical and scientific infrastructure state-of-the-art is important for the success of our lab, which is my main task as lab manager. In doing so, I coordinate the servicing of lab equipment, evaluate & establish novel technologies in protein chemistry and assure the knowledge transfer between different lab generations. With regards to scientific projects, I offer my expertise in protein expression, purification and crystallization to projects that are under certain time pressure, that have to be completed after students/postdocs left the lab and that represent risky pilot projects that have to be tested for their feasibility. Finally, I always enjoy to starting new projects and methodologies when teaming up with one of our collaborators interested in a distinct biological question. Taken together, I feel a bit like a molecular juggler continuously balancing technology and project clubs in the most flexible and productive way. Among the 4 clubs keeping me busy at the moment, 2 are labeled with "MYOSIN", 1 with "Ri-ga-kuu" and 1 with "P-D-Z".

Honors and Awards

* 1994 - Medal “I survived 5 years at the IMP”


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2) Hasselblatt H.*, Kurzbauer R.*, Wilken C., Krojer T., Sawa J., Kurt J., Kirk R., Hasenbein S., Ehrmann M., Clausen T. (2007). Regulation of the sigmaE stress response by DegS: how the PDZ domain keeps the protease inactive in the resting state and allows integration of different OMP-derived stress signals upon folding stress. Genes Dev. 21(20):2659-70

3) Mastny M.*, Heuck A.*, Kurzbauer R.*, Heiduk A., Boisguerin P., Volkmer R., Ehrmann M., Rodrigues Ch., Rudner DZ., Clausen T. (2013). CtpB Assembles a Gated Protease Tunnel Regulating Cell-Cell Signaling during Spore Formation in Bacillus subtilis. Cell. 155(3): 647–658